IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Our apps will continue running until Business Catalyst’s end of life. Read more.

Still the Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Your Website Data Out of Business Catalyst.

Now there are two options for getting your data out:

Automatic Backups
Backs up your website automatically daily or weekly to your Dropbox or Google Drive or BC servers. You choose what to back up and it happens automatically.

Or read more about it below.

BC Exporter
Exports your entire website with the push of a button. Depending on your site, it might take a few minutes. You'll get an email, telling you when it's ready to download.

On the BC Exporter website.


Earn passive income
with Automatic Backups

The most complete backup solution for Business Catalyst websites,
and the only one that works inside the Admin Console.





It's Easy to Start Earning Passive Income

We created a sales kit with everything you need to start generating passive income
by selling Automatic Backups to your Business Catalyst website clients.

Landing Page

The landing page explains why your clients need Automatic Backups. They complete a web form, letting you know they want you to install it.

Email Campaign

Send an email campaign to your clients, encouraging them to protect their website with Automatic Backups. The email CTA links to your landing page.

Weekly Messages

Add eye-catching promotions to the weekly messages that Business Catalyst sends to your clients.

System Announcement

Add a custom promotion to the "What's New" section on the Dashboard for your clients to see every time they login.

Install Email

You'll send this email to clients, letting them know when you have installed Automatic Backups on their website.


We've drafted language to include in your website proposals as part of your service offering.

Easy setup: In less than an hour you can implement the entire sales kit and launch your campaign. The sooner you do it, the sooner you'll start earning passive income!

It's FREE!

A Brand New Version

It's faster, backs up all the available APIs, and it's automatic, so no more waiting for your backup to finish!

Convenient and Familiar


Your backups will run at the interval you choose and you don't have to lift a finger. Just set it and forget it.

Cool and Customizable


So you want to make a backup right now before you make some major changes? No problem. Just use on-demand backups and backup your site immediately.

Local and Remote

Backup More
Than Ever

Automatic Backups captures all the APIs that are currently available so you protect more of your website than ever.

Restoration Walkthroughs


Restore your data with Business Catalyst’s built-in import functionality. If you’ve never done it, don’t worry. Our step-by-step short videos show you exactly how to restore your data.

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You have questions. We have answers.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Yes, Automatic Backups is made for your clients to setup and use. The first time they login they will be prompted to setup the app in just a few easy steps, and voíla, Automatic Backups!

    BC's Open Platform allows access to major parts of your websites -- but not to everything. Click here for a complete list of what can be backed up with Automatic Backups.

    At this time you cannot control who sees Automatic Backups, so all admin users can see the app.

    We are dedicated to ensuring you have a great experience with Automatic Backups, so there are a few ways to get help:

    Installation Support
    If you need support regarding your installation, please submit a support ticket using the BC App Store support system

    Backup Support
    If you need support with Automatic Backups other than installation issues, please start a support ticket and we'll reply ASAP.

    How to Restore Files, Web Apps, CRM, Ecommerce and Categories


    As described in the video, there are different ways to restore your data. One method is to use an FTP client to restore data to your website. There are a number of FTP clients you can use to connect to your site. Regardless of which FTP client you use, you’ll need to use the connection details shown below:


    Host Name -
    Protocol - SFTP / SSH File Transfer Protocol
    Port - 22
    User Name -
    Password - Your admin login password

    SFTP settings


    How to Restore Blogs


    To restore blog posts, you can download your latest backup file, unzip the file and look for a folder named blogs. When you're ready to restore, go to Modules > Blogs > Click on the blog you would like to restore to and choose 'Import Posts' and select the file you want to restore from your backups and choose the 'WordPress' format. Your blog posts will be imported (and restored).

Meet the Team

photo of Karim Ardalan

Karim Ardalan

Karim founded his web development company, MIS, Inc. in 1995. He became a Business Catalyst partner in 2008 and has developed over 150 BC websites. He is a frequent speaker at BC events and is a member of the Partner Advisory Board. In 2011 Karim founded AID+BC, which helps the community learn about all things BC and Muse.

photo of Joe Wellborn

Joe Wellborn

Joe started designing websites when Netscape still came in a box. He discovered Business Catalyst in 2009, and soon afterward he founded Practically Inspired, LLC to focus exclusively on BC. When one of his clients inadvertently deleted a few hundred web app items he started thinking about a backup solution.

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