BC Exporter

What Gets Backed Up With Automatic Backups

BC's Open Platform allows access to major parts of your websites -- but not to everything. Following is a list of what can be backed up. Anything not appearing in the list does not get backed up.

 Note: The Lite version of Automatic Backups only backs up Files, Pages, and Templates.

Site Structure
Secure Zones[2][6][7]
RSS Feeds[2]
User Roles[2]
Static Content
Pages and Templates[2]
Web Forms[2]
System Emails[2]
Dynamic Content
Web Apps[2][3]
Media Downloads[2][8]
Ad Rotators[2]
Customer Records[2][3][9][10]
Title Types[2]
Order Statuses[2]
Lead Source Types[2]
Industry Types[2]
Rating Types[2]
Products and Catalogs[2][3][12][13]
Gift Vouchers[2]
Discount Codes[2]
Tax Codes[2]
Shipping Options[2]
Affiliate Programs[2][14]

[1] Can be restored using FTP or the File Manager.
[2] May be restored using json files with help from your developer.
[3] An importable CSV file is included which can be used to restore through the appropriate Admin page.
[4] An RSS/XML file is included that can be used to restore through the import function.
[5] The files backup also includes all module and web app templates, content holders and system pages, as well as any media download files and downloadable products.
[6] The secure zone backup does not include secured media downloads or subscribers.
[7] The secure zones backup also includes secured pages, blogs, news and faqs.
[8] The media downloads option does not include a backup of the media file itself. Please use the files option to back up your file system.
[9] Only the standard CRM fields are backed up. Extended CRM data cannot be backed up at this time. Exercise discretion when restoring CRM data if you have extended your CRM.
[10] The customer records backup also includes customer types and anniversaries.
[11] The companies backup also includes both company types and relationship types.
[12] While the products and catalogs option does include downloadable products, the file itself is not backed up with this option. Please use the files option to back up your file system.
[13] The products and catalogs backup also includes product attributes, variations and related products.
[14] Affiliates are also included with Affiliate Programs backups.